Owner Time Line

Time Frame for Owners/Occupiers

William Sparrowe c.1635-1647 builder
Robert Sparrowe 1647-<1674 owner
Jonathan Seamans <1674>
William Hammond <1684-1725 owner
John Hammond 1725-1733 owner
William Hammond 1733-1747 owner
Edmund Hammond 1747-1759 owner
William Hamilton 1759-1772 owner
Original house mostly demolished, leaving a farmhouse
Richard Burton-Phillipson 1772-1792 owner
Susanna Holden 1792-1803 owner
Richard Burton-Phillipson 1803-1804 owner
Robert Morgan <1803-1809 tenant
William Baldwin 1809-1813
[John] Welham 1813-1817 tenant
Current house built
Samuel Gross 1811-1836 owner
Edward Woolnough 1836-1849 owner
House and land purchased by Charles William Fonnereau
George David Badham 1849-1858 tenant
Edward Hunter Woods 1858-1862 tenant
Henry Slater 1862-1867 tenant
House seperated from the farm
Elizabeth Edgar 1867-1869 owner
Sterling Westhorp 1868-1870 tenant
George Pilkington Blake 1870-1874 tenant
Elizabeth Edgar 1874-1881 owner
Mileson Edgar 1881-1935 owner
Bertie Trevor Davies 1935-1964 owner
Anthony & Heather Copsey 1964-2016> owners