Sparrowe Family

SparroweFamilyTreeThis family tree was drawn on parchment by Devereaux Edgar (1651-1739) of Grimston House, Tower Street, Ipswich. His wife was Temperance Sparrowe and it shows the branches from her family. The Sparrowe’s have their names written in red on an acorn. The bole of the oak tree has the achievement of Sparrowe, argent 3 roses gules seeded or barbed vert a chief gules. Above it is the name of his wife’s forebear John Sparrowe of Rede, near Bury St. Edmund’s. The five boughs stand for his five children Samuel, John, Philip, Andrew and Elizabeth, who became Mrs. Crosse. It is the central branch where we find Philip, the ancestor of Temperance and the Edgar family. The most distinguished member of the Sparrowe tree is to be found on the left bough as a descendent of Samuel, is Lord Bishop of Norwich Anthony Sparrowe. The two buildings may be that of the Bishop of Norwich and the other looks like that of the old Sparrowe’s Nest. This original tree is currently in the possession of the owner of the house.